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i replaced a birch with another birch
i’ll provide a download link soon, i need a good break after spending over a week learning how to mod/rip from a new engine

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Barok van Zieks/Reader – Works – Archive of Our Own

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Date Published: 10/20/2022

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let me tell you, i always get so excited when i…

sherlock and barok with an s/o who proposes to them. sherlock: … “will you marry me, barok van zieks ?” barok dn’t expect you to propose, …

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Date Published: 8/23/2022

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hi im the anon that requested barok van zieks a…

You being that foil to his rough and guarded exterior eases him from a lot of his inner demons! ace attorney x reader sorry if this angsty if …

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Date Published: 6/22/2022

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Write My Ace Attorneys — I am here once again, this time with …

“Could you set up the telephone? I have a call to make.” turnaboutyandere’s request yandere barok van zieks x reader yandere ace attorney x …

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Date Published: 6/23/2021

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the great ace attorney looks different
the great ace attorney looks different

주제에 대한 기사 평가 barok van zieks x reader

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  • Date Published: 2021. 6. 2.
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Barok van Zieks/Reader – Works

For a moment longer, you continued to study him as he was, a noble man regaled as viciously astute in court and domineering to those outside his close circle of acquaintances. He was a van Zieks, after all, a name regarded rather highly amongst the nobility, and it wasn’t necessarily uncommon to believe such behavior to be just and true.

Those of the public eye did not get to see him as you did, however. They couldn’t begin to understand his vulnerabilities, how he shed the mask of van Zieks and simply became Barok within your home.

Barokvanzieks Stories

Barok van Zieks has been an outcast for the last decade of his life. He has steeled himself to never once again be vulnerable. Simply put, he is not the man he used to b…



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Reader is female

CW (CONTENT WARNING): Sexual scenes, thigh riding

Barok van Zieks was a man of many things: a prosecutor, a reaper, and now your husband.

The term still makes you quiver with delight. It was not often that you would say that you were a Mrs. Zieks due to the fact that no one would want to associate with the supposed Grim Reaper of the English Court. Despite this supposed curse that swarms the man, you stuck by him with the same reason you say to everybody:

“This stuck-up old codfish needs a little bit of good luck in his life!”

Getting his world-famous glare was worth it.

Despite how much of a polar opposite you are compared to him, he remains in control like how he is in the courtroom. Nothing and no one could shake him down. No witness was too scary, no witness was too manipulative, and no witness was too provocative.

Yes… no witness too provocative.

He prides himself in being a man of confidence. He believes in the philosophy that clothes make the man. Hence the reason why his clothes are always in top priority. Everything is made of top quality that no amount of resistance can make it turn into rags.

He makes sure to put it to the test.

Barok van Zieks makes it apparent that no one should disturb him while he’s in his office. He would rather keep his work to himself; the only exception being you of course.

He would write down his reports with one hand, handwriting as eloquent and precise as he is while his other hand would grasp your hip.

His pristine white pants are quite resilient, or so he thinks. He makes sure to have your pussy ground against his thigh, the texture rubbing against your clit deliciously. The material was thick but he could slowly feel the wetness seeping.

van Zieks continued to write his report, eyes never leaving as his lips muttered his next words to write. Meanwhile you were whimpering at the feeling of his covered thigh as you rubbed your throbbing pussy against his thigh. You didn’t want to ruin more of his clothing so your clutching hands would cling the arm of his chair. You were pretty sure even his chair costs just as much as his clothes so you worry you would leave grooves on the wood.

You wriggled your hips before grounding them, gasping out when van Zieks clenched his thigh, almost like he knew you were going to do that.

You heard him hum as he dipped his quill into the ink pot. “How does it feel?”

You tried to catch your breath from the sensation as van Zieks looked your way. His glower was just like when he was in the courtroom which was just as worse for your core. “F-Feels good… Ah!”

He lifted his leg, making sure to feel your clit against his thigh. “I mean the pants, love.”

You mewled. “Hah… T-They feel strong…?”

He hummed once more before his free arm wrapped around your waist and brought you down further. You moaned out from his action, as he rutted you across his thigh, spreading your wetness even further.

“Is that so?” He said, his lips quirking into a small smirk as he watches your blissed out expression. “We’ll need to see if what you say holds true then.”

You had a feeling this won’t be the last time your husband would ask you to ‘test’ the durability of his clothing.

dgs imagines !! — let me tell you, i always get so excited when i…

let me tell you, i always get so excited when i see a new notification for this blog pop up ♡ could i request some h/cs for holmes (and maybe van zieks if he’s requestable now? i love when writers change characters to their own interpretation and give them the character development they deserve, so if you’re up for it i’d love to see yours 🙂 i just read about a bachelors day, which was on the 29th February on a leap day. on that day women were allowed to propose to their man of choice. apparently it was legal in both ireland and england. so what would be their reactions if a long time s/o proposed on that day? ahhh this got kinda long, sorry! and thank you ♡♡

ace attorney imagines — hi im the anon that requested barok van zieks a…

woah… it has been quite awhile guys. I actually returned because I was ruminating on the announcement about tgaa being translated, and lo and behold I remembered I had a blog!

It’s crazy to me I started this around a year ago. Even though I’ve physically abandoned this blog, I haven’t abandoned you guys in my heart! I will be back! i am still here 🙂 school during a pandemic has not been kind to me but I have faith I will be writing soon (willing this into existence!)

But in the mean time please feel free to sprinkle in some headcanon requests if you’d like. even if I don’t have time right now, I’m hoping that will motivate me –but not overwhelm me!

also, if you’d like, stop by my inbox and say hi!! talk about anything ace attorney elated to me at all, I want to keep my ace attorney hype on for as long as possible until I can write!

Write My Ace Attorneys — I am here once again, this time with a request for…

I am here once again, this time with a request for my man. Can I get a yandere scenario where S/O, after having broken up with Barok, visits him one last time to provide him closure since he just isn’t moving on from them? Thanks, hun!

“My Reaper brings all the simps to the blog” so hell yeah!!!! I freaking love Wine man 😀 Especially when he’s a bit of a yandere 😳 I hope that you love this!!!!

Thank you for being so supportive too ^^; you’re a really good friend!

A lot of this did end up being dialogue ^^; but I suppose that in this scenario, dialogue would be the only way to convey this kind of topic but I hope that people like this scenario. It took me a day longer than I thought it would to finish 🤣🤣🤣

TW: Yandere behaviour, obsessive and possessive behaviour, attempted gaslighting, threatening behaviour, arguments.

🍷Barok van Zieks🍷

S/O sighed as they looked up at the imposing set of doors in front of them as they reached their hand out to use the door knocker. Three sharp knocks filled the silence while they waited for the doors to open. In this time they took a moment to steady their resolve, to prepare for whatever awaited them behind those cold doors.

When the doors opened, S/O came face to face with Barok’s butler, his eyes lightened up in recognition of S/O as he extended the door open to invite them in.

“Thank heavens you’re here, S/O. I hate to speak ill of the Viscount but….he’s been acting very strangely these days, I think that you being here will help to soothe that temper of his.” He whispered, looking around as he did so as if the walls were listening in on the two of them.

S/O knew full well that the walls did tend to listen in on conversations that would have normally been lost to the silence of the hallways.

“I shall fetch Lord van Zieks for you now, please wait here, we shouldn’t be too long, especially if he knows that it is you who has come to visit him today.” The Butler stated before giving a short bow and walking off. S/O looked around at the familiar walls in the meantime, grimacing at the amount of darkness there was, they supposed that Barok had taken to brooding ever since they had left and if they squinted, they could see small dents in the wall as well as some damp spots which had probably been the aftermath of the destruction of a few hallowed chalices. They cringed at the show of anger, shaking their head before turning away from it and towards the door that the butler had left through.

“-tell you, if the person waiting at that door isn’t anyone of importance then you can say goodbye to your job.” S/O heard Barok’s voice from behind the door, it sounded colder than usual, as if his words were tipped with sharp spikes of ice. S/O gulped slightly at the sound, bracing for Barok to enter the room that they were currently standing in.

The door swung open as S/O took in a deep breath, standing in front of them now was the man himself, Barok van Zieks. Albeit, a more haggard looking Barok van Zieks who seemed to be uncaring about the shadow of a beard on his face and heavy eye bags. For a moment, the two of them could only stare at each other, Barok’s mouth hung open slightly as he took in the fact that S/O was here with him, right there in close distance.

“Angel…?” Barok gasped, still staring straight at them in shock. How long had it been? Three months…? Three long months where S/O just wasn’t there by his side until right now.

“Barok, I’m here to talk to you.” S/O stated, trying desperately to keep their voice from shaking too much as they slowly walked over to him, internally they were trying to prepare for what Barok’s reaction could be, throughout their relationship, S/O learned that Barok could sometimes react badly to things. After taking a few moments to think about how they were going to word what they were going to say, they started to speak.

“I understand that the way that we broke off our courtship…it wasn’t the best. I think that a lot of unfair things were said on both sides and I apologise for my part in that, but a lot of people are worried about you. A member of your staff asked me to come and I thought that maybe you might just need some time to move on from the relationship, but three months have passed now and I’m really concerned.” They blathered, ending their rant by looking up at Barok to try and gauge his reaction.

Barok had seemingly froze for a second, although he quickly snapped himself out of his daze in order to pull S/O into his arms, clutching them tightly against his chest as he ran his hands through their hair. S/O started to pull away, struggling against his firm grip before finally jolting away from him.

“Barok, stop it. We need to have a conversation, a proper conversation. You can’t just keep…keep doing that…that thing where you just try and hug me so that I’ll forget about the problem at hand. Look at you! You can’t keep doing this to yourself.” S/O cried out, staring at him in disbelief.

Barok faltered in his movements for a moment, his arms falling to his side as S/O pulled away from him. Again. All S/O seemed to ever do was just pull away from him, every time he tried to bring them back to him, they resisted.

Even now, despite them being the one to come to him, they still continued to pull further and further away.

“You aren’t going to be leaving again, are you?” Barok questioned, his voice low as he tilted his head to stare at S/O. S/O looked back at him nervously, not quite knowing how to answer.

“Well…I’ll have to leave soon, I have some chores that I need to get done before the end of the day. I mostly just wanted to check up on you, like I said before, a lot of people are worried about you and I don’t want us ending our relationship to hold you back from meeting somebody else.” S/O explained, at this point they were just praying that Barok would listen and at least try to take their words into account.

“Why must you do this to me, Angel..? I can’t do this without you! Can we not forget about this…this silly little tiff and move on. I’ve let you have the time away that you needed, I’ve given you space and I don’t know what else I can do. We belong together, you are the only person for me and I know that I’m the only person who can look after you, who can protect you.” Barok lamented, shaking his arms in frustration as he took another step towards them.

S/O recoiled at Barok’s words, horrified at just how blatantly unaware he was of his situation and the events that led to them ending their courting relationship, they were disgusted with the lack of any form of understanding and reminded them of exactly why they had left him in the first place

“I can’t believe you, Barok. I can’t help you if you aren’t willing to work with me here. You can’t let this one setback affect the rest of your life like this! I-”

“You? You, what? S/O, I love you. I love you so much, so much more than I’ve ever loved anybody before and I love you above anything else and yet you insist on leaving me. Just stay! We can work everything out.” Barok begged, grabbing onto S/O’s shoulders and shaking them gently. S/O’s eyes widened in shock at the motion before they jarred their shoulder backwards and sprinted towards the door, flinging it open before standing in the doorway.

“I can’t help you while you insist on deluding yourself like this, just leave me alone Barok. I don’t want any part of this. Get it into your head, we ended our courtship! We aren’t together anymore, I am single and so are you so just stop it, stop trying to tell me to get over myself because this isn’t healthy” They spat, before turning and walking away, not looking back once.

In the shadows of his doorway, Barok stood in silence. Staring out at where S/O once stood, barely focusing on their movements as they stormed away. He briefly looked over his shoulder to make eye contact with his butler.

“Could you set up the telephone? I have a call to make.”

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